What Is the Genius Way?

The Genius Way is a Life Philosophy and a Life Skills System based around the ancient Greco-Roman concept of Genius as a protector, guardian, or patron spirit that each person is given at birth. This Genius Spirit is the seed of our identity. It holds a blueprint of our potential and of our particular qualities; a set of personal talents, callings, and predispositions that we as individuals are meant to express.

The Genius Way is a method that connects us to our own Genius Spirit by synthesizing aspects of psychology, philosophy, and spirituality in a purposive life approach. It identifies the significant aspects of living a meaningful and fulfilling life, and provides a framework to help
individuals create their own life path, based on the qualities of their individual Genius.

The Genius Way helps us to discover, examine, and unpack the interests in each student that have a CHARGE for them, and therefore some value to pursue.

The Genius Way helps students to develop a healthy and vibrant self-inquiry practice, which includes the ability to single out their pertinent interests and curiosities about a subject and follow an INQUISITIVE PROTOCOL in order to uncover the extent of their GENIUS CONNECTION
to the subject.


The word Genius originally stems from a Roman word which actually means the protector, guardian, or patron spirit that each person is given at birth. The basic principle is that every person has been born with a Genius spirit whose charge it is to keep that person’s individual
talents, callings, and creative predispositions from ever being lost as a person wends their way through their life experiences.

This Genius Spirit exists as a seed of identity within the individual, and needs the proper conditions and environment in which to germinate and grow.

The ancient concept of Genius holds that these predispositions by their nature want to be expressed outwardly.

Experiencing Meaning, Life purpose, and Individual Fulfillment are the result of uncovering and expressing our individual Genius.

Who is Ben Hummell

Ben is a Licensed Psychotherapist and author, and the creator of The Genius Way.

At the age of nineteen Ben was drawn to the practice of meditation and soon dedicated himself to a life of spiritual discipline and the goal of enlightenment. He found himself developing and
expressing his talent for teaching spirituality and helping to guide other spiritual seekers on their individual paths at an early age.

Ben’s enthusiasm for creativity, community, and spiritual practice fueled his path throughout his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. During those 30 years, he was a Spiritual Counselor and Teacher, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Musician.

At the age of 49, Ben found himself in the midst of a difficult life transition; a spiritual disillusionment and loss of faith that led him to yet another search for identity, life meaning, and purpose.

After years of disorientation, confusion, and struggle, he came to learn about the ancient Greco-Roman concept of a Genius spirit that is born with every individual – a life-guiding force complete with talents, abilities, and a genuine calling to a unique expression of one’s gifts. His research into Genius helped Ben to realize that one of his Genius traits had always been to help others to navigate difficult life transitions and encourage them during that process.

Ben’s clinical practice as a Depth Psychotherapist allowed him to recognize a central theme inherent in most of his client’s psychological issues. Trauma, life transitions, anxiety and depression all affect the existential identity of a person, distorting their healthy sense of self.

Ben found that by helping his clients to uncover and express their Genius qualities, they were able to correct this distortion, creating forward life movement and a sense of meaning and purpose. He has seen that many pivotal changes and resolutions to problems can take place in a person’s life by uncovering their unique Genius talents and embodying them actively in the

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