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Encountering Genius in Liminal Space

One of the hallmarks of finding ourselves in a life transition is the sense of living in- between worlds. We have operated under a certain world-view up until now, and we’re finding that our ideas and conclusions about what life is about and what is important to us are no longer applicable to the challenges and situations we currently find ourselves in. This period - navigating the non-defined space between one life paradigm and another, or one life vision and another, is an extremely important task in our process of human development. Here we can be said to be living in liminal space - that is, living in a space between two worlds. Not the old one anymore, but not yet in the new one. This space of not knowing who we are or who we’re becoming is actually an auspicious time to encounter and engage with our Genius spirit.


For the most part, the Genius spirit inside of us has been relegated to and occasionally encountered in our unconscious world; the world of dreams, memories, and fantasies. Whenever a part of us is blocked from expressing itself in our conscious life, it will express itself nonetheless somewhere else, namely in our unconscious world that speaks to us through metaphor and symbol. Remember that our Genius spirit is a part of us, no less than our hands and feet, or our blood and bones. We cannot separate ourselves from the talents and qualities that our Genius carries with it any more than we can separate the marrow from our bones and still be a living human being. So needless to say, these natural qualities and attributes that are inseparable from our Genius are also inseparable from our consciousness.

As I mentioned before, the time we spend in the liminal space between two worlds is an excellent time to encounter and engage with our Genus spirit. Through conscious attunement to its metaphoric messages we can allow a space for the gifts our Genius is wanting to manifest to bubble up into our consciousness and be integrated into our daily lives. In this way, we are actively participating in the process of expressing our Genius spirit’s qualities, as well as the energy they contain as a part of our unique and individual contribution to the world we inhabit.

One way of beginning the process, and one that many explorers of consciousness have successfully used is to create an image of one of the Genius qualities we discover in our inner explorations into a physical form such as a drawing, painting, sculpture, dance or movement, song or poem, or another artistic medium. Bringing what was once hidden and nebulous into physical reality can help to integrate our unconscious and conscious worlds. This integration brings a boost of psychic energy through the expression of a suppressed creative impulse. This psychic energy is then consciously available to us. We can now use the energy it was taking to keep our Genius talents repressed in the unconscious realm to create unique and unexpected forms of expression that are more in harmony with our sense of individual life purpose and meaning. These expressions that we manifest in our physical world carry with them the potency of the world of image and symbol, and maintain a mysterious and unexplainable living presence of that world long after they have been created.