Expressing Genius

Dec 07, 2017

One of the salient features about our individual Genius is that it wants to be expressed.

We have all heard countless stories and parables about the idea that there is something vital and important inside each one of us. This information can be quite inspiring, making us feel hopeful that there may be a more rewarding and fulfilling phase of our lives in the very near future. The fact, however is that unless we actually express that quality or talent that resides within us outwardly, we will not be able to experience the sense of purpose or meaning we are seeking. Expressing our Genius qualities enables us to experience three very significant things:

1. We get to be surprised at how amazing our inbuilt talents and qualities actually are
2. Taking the risk to express our Genius qualities is always rewarding, regardless of the outcome
3. The part of the world and the people that we come in contact with by expressing our Genius always benefits from our expression in some way

Our Genius qualities are our own unique and individual natural resources. Take the time to exlore, discover, and then express yours outwardly, and you will see how this creates movement and possibility in your life that you couldn’t have imagined before.