Genius Calling

Jan 27, 2018

Here are some signs that your Genius may be calling for your attention:

Dissatisfaction with the results of your past choices
Relationship problems with significant other
Yearning for life purpose and meaning
Psychological or physical symptoms that are hard to diagnose
A deep urge for a career change
Attempts to feel better by returning to pre-midlife behaviors that once gave pleasure or satisfaction

So what do we do when we realize that our under-expressed Genius is actively calling us? We will need to find ways, however small, to acknowledge and bring it into focus in our life expression. Keep in mind that expressing our Genius traits isn’t necessarily accomplished by writing an award-winning symphony, or creating a multi million dollar business. It isn’t even about outward success, although success is a distinct possibility. It is about being naturally expressive in our unique ways; backyard projects, exploring an underdeveloped passion by returning to school, creative cooking for friends and family, mentoring a child by helping to bring out their hidden genius. The important thing is to experiment with the things that are occurring to us on a deep level within our consciousness. For this we need to develop the knack of listening to ourselves in a way that we may have forgotten or never developed.

We will need to be able to follow an inner impulse to express something outwardly that rarely if ever makes reasonable sense, especially to others. Remember that reasonableness, in terms of Genius expression runs counter to our creative expression. There is really no such thing as creating reasonably. Creativity needs the qualities of chance, mystery, and fearlessness to come into form and expression. When we see Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night, we are not overcome with how reasonable or sensible it is. On the contrary, what moves us about the work of an artist like Van Gogh is how uniquely unreasonable and out of the norm it actually is. Today we recognize his Genius’ expression, but in his lifetime, out of the over 900 paintings he created, he sold only one single painting! If he were trying to be reasonable, perhaps after the 500th painting not selling, he would have changed his style in order to better suit the sensibilities of the time. But he seemed to be listening to something so deeply personal and vitally important when he expressed himself that he literally could not have ignored it for anything.

We are all affected deeply by someone’s visual representation of something taken directly from the realm of images that they have tapped into inside of themselves; someone who was following the need to express something in the same way as a mother giving birth to a living child. Van Gogh, in this way created an opening in his outer world for his inner world to be expressed.

We may not all paint like Van Gogh, but we all certainly possess the inner impulses to create and express in our own unique ways. We can’t contrive or create these inner impulses and unique qualities, but we can allow them the space and freedom to emerge. It is in the effort to give them a chance to come to the surface that brings the deep sense of satisfaction that we are seeking. We get fulfillment from participating with our Genius spirit, making time and space in our lives for its qualities to come out and play.