The Paradox of the Seed

Dec 09, 2018

A seed is not a finished product. It is a paradox. It is simultaneously complete and incomplete. If the seed is not planted and allowed to transform into the next expression of itself, arguably, it will remain physically intact and complete. But the potential in the seed, or the mature manifestation into the plant it will become, (which is the lion’s share of its purpose) needs to be imagined or dreamt into existence. This first expression of the seed needs to be wagered in order to achieve the next expression. We too are seeds, and live a paradox as we meander our way through our life journey.  We can’t use logic to make the journey or the decision to wager our current life expression on a better one. Rational thought will always stay with the first intact expression, because there is no outward guarantee that the seed of Genius in us will grow into something more fulfilling and meaningful. All we can do is to follow the sense and feeling that without the second expression, the job hasn’t been done.


The need for a more fulfilling expression of ourselves is a higher-level need, but a need just the same. The need for purpose and meaning seems like a luxury compared to the need for food and shelter. But doesn’t it follow that the gratitude we feel for having our primary needs met would turn into an expression of our further personal growth and expression? The effort to express these higher-level needs is what has brought about the world’s greatest works of art, music, and philosophy. Just as important is the complete manifestation of a single life. The mandate of the seed is to spend itself to become more of itself.