The Responsibility to be Yourself

Dec 17, 2018

If we are fortunate, we come to realize that there is no greater responsibility than to truly become ourselves. But what does that phrase really mean? Aren’t we already who we are?

The answer is a bit complex. Yes, we are apparently someone already, but are we all of what we are? Is there more to us than what is apparently visible? Are we more than what we have already expressed?

That’s where the responsibility part comes in. We can respond to the fact that we possess a deeper identity that carries a mandate to be expressed. If you can stop for a few minutes, close your eyes and breathe deeply, you’ll feel the truth of that deeper identity longing to be acknowledged and unfolded.

If we bring this idea of responsibility into the here and now, each person’s task is to embody their own blueprint of what it looks like to be a responsible human. We may think in terms of living within the guidelines of a particular faith, leaving a small carbon footprint, or charitable work as examples.

But what if there was a way to engage in that responsibility by the way we spend the small, unwitnessed moments that make up the majority of our lives?

In our personal model of expressing our humanity, where we spend all of our time, we can see that the manner in which we live is infinitely more important than the what it is that we do. Performing even our seemingly small and irrelevant actions with a sense of purpose and intent means that we want all of our moments and actions to be significant and meaningful. And for that to happen, we have to live and act from the innate seat of our individual identity – our Genius.