Jun 14, 2018

Each one of us is born wealthy.

Not that everyone comes into this world with money, possessions, and status, but certainly wealth in terms of possibility.

This wealth of possibility rests on two things: time and Genius.


Time can be seen as one of the greatest sources of wealth, because without it, as an inhabitant of this planet, we can obviously do nothing, feel nothing, accomplish or experience nothing. We are each given a certain amount of time at birth that we spend on whatever seems the most important thing, day by day of our lives. Time, in this way is actually our currency. And we trade our currency for our life experience.


Our personal Genius is also a source of wealth because as far as we know, the universe has created each one of us only once, just as we are. Once we live out our life and spend the time we’ve been given, this version of human expression that we call ourselves will never appear on the earth again.

In Walt Whitman’s poem Oh Me! Oh Life!, he poses a question to existence, asking what good ultimately comes from putting in the human effort of searching and striving for individual purpose and expression. An answer came back to him:

 “That you are here—that life exists and identity,

 That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.”

Time and Genius are indeed wealth because without them we couldn’t assume the awesome responsibility of fully expressing who we are as individuals, and consequently contributing our unique verse to the collective expression of our world.

Countless people throughout history have endeavored to ask and answer this exact question concerning why it feels important to express our individuality, and they had to recognize and then trade their wealth – time and Genius - to receive their answer.

The truth is, we have no choice but to spend our daily currency. And at the end of each day, there is less of it left to express who we are while we’re here.

Consider what you are currently spending your time/currency on every day.

Living and expressing our Genius is the key to spending our time/currency creatively and purposefully by allowing ourselves to actually inhabit the wealth of possibility we’ve been born with.