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Even though one of the main pieces of the Genius spirit concept is that everyone is unique, this uniqueness is subjective. Genius expression emanates from a person’s deep listening to the inner qualities that are embedded in their awareness. There is a sense of importance to what we find that surpasses the concern for novelty or recognition. It’s not the uniqueness of topic or content. It’s the uniqueness of our individual nature.

For us to feel the sense of fulfillment inherent in exploring our Genius qualities, we only have to encounter them and make room for their expression in whatever way we can. As I’m writing this, I am aware of a very large expression existing in what feels like the fringes of my awareness that is calling me to pay attention to it. This tells me two things. One, that the realm of my awareness is infinitely larger than what I call myself from day to day, and two, the effort of reaching for clarity by looking and listening to that inner “calling” feels amazingly fulfilling. I’m purposefully listening to my deeper self. It feels like a responsibility to see whatever else I am in my interiority. And that includes paying attention to this sense of an idea to express something that is indeed calling me.

It is important to realize that our callings aren’t at all necessarily meant to be an expression that will change the world at large or create a career for ourselves. But making the effort to listen, hear, and express your individual callings will change your world. Even if it is simply to the extent that you will live with the reward of having listened, heard, and acted on a call that came from somewhere deep inside of yourself.

This conscious journey is part of every human being’s mandate and quest; to become and embody who we truly are without apology or edit. Like a mountain lion, tree, or stone.